The purpose of the Blog Page is to recount our history of martial arts karate-do instruction. it began in 1960 Okinawa with Jim Wax he recieved the first recorded ShoDan from Shoshin Nagamine in Shorin-Ryu Karate. Being in the military Jim had access to karate and was introduced to Nagamine dojo in Naha. It was new and very personal, most trained privately on their own or with another person who knew more.

As Americans the idea that karate could be taught commerciaKishaba Top Student in Okinawally began to take hold, lessons could be sold and “rank” could be awarded…black belts were not particularly worn in a dojo most wore the white belt the gi came with…They gave a Green Belt to the more people and then a Brown Belt to those who were sincere.

When the military enlistment was up the student was sometimes given a going away party, with all dojo mates attending..a party of Sake and food was always special…and occassionally the Sensei gave a “black belt” with instructions to practice and return to Okinawa


3 thoughts on “About The Karate USA 1 Blog

  1. We are now well into the third and fourth generation of teachers and and evolution given birth to new concepts which need guidance by the more experienced former generation, including those who feel the old ways have been lost .
    This will maintain the Shihan-Te traditions of Jutsu and karate-do ( budo) While ‘sport’ is not eccential but Americans are especially sport minded and make excellent training grounds for real-life adventure and discipline.
    Therefore I urge you to get on board and with your dojo make this future happen.
    Don’t let action movies and entertainment define martial arts

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